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 Eco Solvent Printer A-Starjet Neo

New Era of the Little Giant

Brand New Design and Production Skills to Gain Great Stability
For years of experience on the industrial printer development, Sanyi Tech now proudly presents the high integrated printer, the A-Starjet Neo. It achieves the excellent reliability of the nearly unattended operation for the time being.

Ultimate Print Quality and Print Speed
To increase the precision of the print quality, A-Starjet Neo has significantly modularized and use molding for the easy assembly and best quality control. With the Fifth-Generation of Micro-Piezo printing technology heads from Japan, A-Starjet Neo is proved to have 15% print speed increasing than similar products.

The Big-Bang to Shake the Market and Profit Making
It not only increases the print speed and stability. Furthermore, attractive price, space-saving, low maintenance cost and its diversity design on vary of applications, such as indoor / outdoor posters, flags, textiles and home decorations make the A-Starjet Neo as a new milestone write into the printing industry's world history. What you see is what you believe. It's awesome!

The DX-5 Micro Piezo print head can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. The variable ink droplets technology can be used to fulfill reflect the rich details of the picture. Suitable for both water-based dye and eco-solvent pigment ink and widely used in many fields.

More than 70% of the parts are molded. These molding parts contain platform, carriage, service station set, upper cover even bracket of the machine. They can improve the speed and precision of the machine to get the best stability.

The only step to calibrate the print head is to insert the print head into the carriage. Also the dairy maintenance will be very convenient for the user.

The whole integration part of print head and service station is manufactured with special material by molding. This whole part can overcome the mounting tolerance and ensure the working life of the print head.

The printer with automatic feeding & take-up system for both models. Furthermore, the heating and hot air drying system for eco-solvent model are now as standard.

iPrint 3.0 RIP software fully complies with ICC color management standard. And it supports automatic image tiling and composition, linear color adjustment, and inking management etc. These functions can meet the demands of all kinds of print works.

Model No.
A-Starjet Neo
Epson DX5 Eco Solvent Micro-Piezo Head
1440 nozzles
Max Printing Width
1520mm (60 inch)
Resolution (dpi)
1440dpi maximum
Ink Droplet
3.5 - 21pl
4 color (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)
Ink Type
Eco Solvent Ink
Ink Cartridge
4 x 350ml Continuous Ink Supply
24 sqm/h
16 sqm/h
High quality
10 sqm/h
1.52 meters (60 inch)
Vinyl, PP Paper, One Way Vision, Banner Cloth, Window Film
(not suitable for Flex Banner)
Feeding and Take-up
Automatic Media Feeding & Take-up System
Cleaning System
Automatically Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Printhead Height
2.5mm above media adjustable
Media Heater & Drier
Equipped, Up to 45C
Temperature: 20C-28C, Humidity: 40%-70%
Rip Software
iPrint 3.0
Control Software
Print Console
Printhead Height
2-4mm (adjustable)
USB2.0 & RS232
Operation System
Windows 7 & Windows XP
AC 100-240V, 50HZ/60HZ, Print: °‹3A, Heating: °‹5A


L2,500mm x W500mm x H350mm / 150kg
L2,600mm x W600mm x H450mm / 180kg

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