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  • Q Can I have printing sample?

    A We provide free samples. Only that 50USD DHL Express Freight need to be undertook by your side. After you have placed order, will return this 50USD to you. If you have any collect, will be great. 
  • Q What’s the warranty?

    A We provide 15 months trouble-free warranty for all the circuit boards and motors, During warranty period, whenever anything wrong with your circuit board, you can send back to us, we will repair or replace for free.
    And lifelong online support available. Our experienced engineer can help you through Email, Skype,Whatsapp,or remote assistant-teamviewer.

  • Q Who will do the installation?

    A For the printer, you only need to install the printer stand, printhead, and software.
    We will send you a USB Disk, inside there are clear installation video and detail user manual, guide you step by step, will find it's very easy.                                                                                  

    Even if you still have question, our engineer can help you through Skype or By remote assistant--teamviewer. Thus you can rest assured about the installation

  • Q How to place order?

    A 1. Give an order list to the sales, Then will make a Proforma Invoice with bank details inside for you.
    2. After receipt of payment, will prepare the order, and arrange shipping.
    3. After goods sent out, will send shipping documents (CI, PL, B/L,etc) to you by DHL Express. You can use the documents to collect goods at your port. 

  • Q Are you factory?

    A Yes. We are factory located in suburb of Shanghai. Warmly welcome your visit. 
  • Q What's the printer voltage?

    A 110v/220v Optional.
  • Q How is your printer compared with Roland?

    A Roland is more famous,smart,and the parts lifetime is longer. While our printer provide same printing quality, and most competitive price.
  • Q Why DX8 Heads so cheap?

    A It’s new for large format printing. Then is oversupply. When DX5 Heads first used in this industry, also cheap.
  • Q Should I buy one UPS?

    A Better to get one UPS, good for protecting the machine. 
  • Q Eco Solvent& Solvent Printers, which one is better?

    A All are good machines. The most suitable one is the best one.
    Advantage of Eco Solvent Printing, is the high resolution of 1440dpi (Solvent, mostly 720dpi),Low smell (Almost no smell. Solvent has big smell). These makes the machine suitable for not only outdoor printing, but also high quality and environment friendly indoor printing.
    Advantage of solvent printer: Though the resolution is not so high,is already enough for outdoor big advertisement. And the solvent printing provide faster printing speed, longer outdoor lifetime.
    Thus, if print both outdoor and indoor, suggest Eco Solvent Printer. If print only outdoor, and require fast speed, Solvent Printer is good choice. 

  • Q Why buy printer and cutter separately?

    A Advantages of One Printer+ One Cutter:
    --  Two work horses give twice the productivity & twice the profit potential over a Printer&cutter combo.
    --  With a separate printer and cutter, multiple jobs can still be completed even if one station is busy.
    --  Separate devices allow multiple jobs.
        Print Only
        Cut Only
        Print & Contour Cut (Die Cut)

    Disadvantage of Eco Solvent Printer&Cutter Combo
    --  Print & Wait 24 hours to laminate, then cut
    --  If the printer/cutter combo breaks, the entire production line is down
    --  Multi-purpose devices can become a production bottleneck
    --  Print/cutter combos typically make sacrifices in speed or quality
    --  Slow cutting speed as low as 12 ips. Graphtec cutting speed is 30 ips!
  • Q What's the difference between Direct Textile Printing & Heat Transfer Printing?

    A 1. FP740 (Pro) Series Printer, Can work with Sublimation Ink, and Textile Pigment Ink, to print directly on different textile:
    If work with Sublimation Ink, can print heat transfer paper, or polyester material (Mostly used for banner, flag).
    If work with Textile Pigment Ink, can print different kinds textile, even 100% cotton. But the material should not be too elastic.

    2. Heat Transfer Printing Machine (sublimation printer,+heat transfer machine), will need 2 steps to finish printing.
    Step 1. Use the sublimation printer to print image onto heat transfer paper.
    Step 2. Use the heat transfer machine to transfer image from paper onto textile.
    And can print on garment, silk, polyester, etc. While the cotton content should be within 35%.

  • Q Compared Waterbased , Solvent and Eco Solvent Inks, What's the advantage of UV ?

    A UV-cured inks offer the following benefits:
    1. No ink penetration on the media surface
    2. Low heat generation
    3. Faster curing process. Makes the printing result perfect. Can be used for airport also.
    4. Lower emission of VOCs. Environment friendly.
    5. Cost savings as UV printing does not require coated media
    6. Offers more durability in outdoor use compared to other inks. Last more than 3 years.
    7. Ability to print on any substrate such as foam board, wood, cardboard, glass, and vinyl
    These advantages of UV-cured inks result in higher productivity, reduced ink consumption, and reduced operational costs. 

  • Q Can I buy ink for Sinocolor Printer from others?


    You can. But need to make sure the quality is high. And suitable for the printhead.
    We strongly suggest you to buy original ink from us: Quality high.
    Besides,we already made ICC Profiles according to our ink. Make sure the most vivid printing. Thus most suitable for our machine.

  • Q I'm new. How many liters ink to buy for each color?

    A C20% M30% Y30% K20%
  • Q What's the shipping method?

    A Shipping can be fulfilled by sea, air or even express delivery service. 
  • Q How to Pay?

    A Available payment method is T/T (bank transfer), Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Cash.
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