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Automatic Hot Laminator

Product Description



Model:BU-1600RFZ Single Side Hot Laminator
 Laminating Width:                        ≦1580mm  
 Laminating Speed:                         0-5m/min
 Roller’s Diameter:                        128mm                       
 Lifting Height for Roller:                23mm
 Lifting Mode for Rollers:                Manual Lifting on One Side            
 Max.Heating Temperature:             150℃
 Heating Method:                            Infrared Heating by Hot Air                    
 Power Supply:                              AC220V/50Hz  or  110V/60Hz              
 Motor Power:                               60W                         
 Heating Power:                             2500W(Single Roller) 
 Weight:                                         385Kg               
 Size:                                             2090*720*1440(mm)

 Model:BU-1600ZD Double-Side Hot Laminator
Laminating Width:                ≦1580mm  
 Laminating Speed:                 0-5m/min
 Roller’s Diameter:               128mm                       
 Lifting Height for Roller:        23mm
 Lifting Mode for Rollers:        Manual Lifting on One Side
 Max.Heating by Hot Air:        150℃
 Heating Method:                    Infrared Heating by Hot Air                  
 Power Supply:                      AC220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz                
 Motor Power:                       90W                         
 Heating Power:                     2500W(Single Roller) 
 Weight:                                520Kg               
 Size:                                     2090*840*1520(mm)

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